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Let me show you how I build my own incredibly profitable 8 figure private-label Amazon business by maximizing the opportunity and reducing the risk.


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Let me show you how I build my own incredibly profitable 8 figure private-label business by maximizing the opportunity and reducing the risk.

If you are thinking why should I even think of 'learning something new' doing a business that puts my capital to risk, tests my patience with challenging steps, and takes a while to generate steady results. Then your worries are pretty genuine. 3 years ago, I was in the same shoes.

But now I confidently teach that a profitable income through an Amazon private-label business is very straight forward to achieve. I admit, hands down, like any other Amazon business owner, that product research and marketing (launching) is by far the hardest and most testing part of running such an endeavor. And if I had somebody to show me at that time how to find profitable products that I could consistently and predictable bank on, I would have had an elephant's load off my shoulders.

Our perceptions are shaped through our experiences. There are lots of people atempting to learn Amazon private label on their own, for free, with old and out dated YouTube videos, and giving up in the process. Now they are ready to tell others how this business was the worst decision they ever made. To be honest, if you do not have your processes for product research and launch sorted out, your risk is much higher. Don't worry, I'm here to save you to save you you from making those same mistakes that I and many others make when learning this business.  

It all starts with this foundation. I have focussed my efforts and meticously recorded my own learnings and experiences in a simplified format, so that you can take instant action towards profitability. I make everything I do about the numbers. I don't like guessing, and with my research methods, you will know your opportunity and chances of success before you decide to do a product.  

I use this same analysis to find, source, optimize, and launch 5-10 new product every month with a high success rate. I have no reason to believe what has personally worked for me will not work for you in the same way!

Now, I am not saying that my road to success was a joyous ride in my Tesla. This is a hard business and a steep learning curve. I had my share of hurdles and pitfalls. I rose up, wiped my forehead and took a step further. The reason I succeeded where many others fail or find mediocre success, is because I learned from every mistake and every success. I adjusted my strategies and dug deeper into the research to develop processes I am going to teach you.

I was however fortunate not to possess a juggler mentality, someone who likes to put his hands in a lot of things or switch back and forth in business ventures. Most entrepreneurs have shiny object syndrome.

After I started with Amazon and stuck with it. 3 Years and $10 million in revenue later, I haven't looked back since...

So, are you ready to find your own Amazon products with proven research methods & launch them to profitability? Are you ready to cut-short the hustle and align yourself to creating your own private label business with Amazon by setting your foundations aright?


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The Replay of the 7-Figure Amazon Master Class: Secret to Successful Product Research is available to watch RIGHT NOW!

I am someone who has learned from his mistakes and does not shy away in admitting so. I have taken extensive risks, burned an insane amount of money on my education to ultimately fine tune my own rock solid strategy.

If I were to share some of my blunders with you, you would probably find yourself rolling on the floor, laughing. Looking back, I can't believe what was I doing. But that was an integral part of helping me get to where I am today.

Some of my product-related blunders included:

Product research, simply relying on hearsay best sellers and promoting them like 1000 other Amazon sellers

Product research, looking only at BSR and reviews to determine whether I should do a product

Product research, not knowing what keywords even were, or how to target them

Product research, not knowing HOW my competitors were getting their sales

Product launching - having a generalized targeting strategy to find the perfect audience

Product launching - not knowing which keywords to target

Product launching - relying solely on PPC (and poorly on top of that)

Not building, optimizing or scaling my PPC campaigns, but inadvertently waiting for miracles to happen on their own.

Does any of that resonate with you?

Product research is 75% of the business, to have compelling and consistent mechanisms in place to find products with lower to medium risk that will convert into highly profitable branded products. 

Proper product research can tell us: how our competitors are getting their sales, the full opportunity and size of a particular market, the risk involved with doing a product, how many units we should order, how we are going to launch, how to set up our PPC campaigns, and whether to even do a product in the first place!

Forward to 2019, my own private-label Amazon business is now on pace to generate well over $10 million dollars this year. From the nitty gritties of my mindset to marketing, I have come a long and winding way to finally master the Amazon game to an extent of having developed a data analysis approach to figure out products that stand the best chance of crushing it with this business model. Imagine this, no more zero sales day, no more chasing after random products, Now you have a powerful, value-based product research and launch system that is bound to set your business on steroids. Then you keep repeating it!

Say goodbye to fear of failure....

In this exclusive training, I pull back the curtain on the exact systems and processes I have used to build an 8 figure private-label Amazon business. My product research and launch strategies allow you to hit the ground right away.

The strategies I teach are not about scoring home runs, it's about making a consistent profit with almost every product you launch. The goal is to make at least $50 profit per day on your first product. Then do that ten times. I have launched over 50 products across 3 Private Label accounts and 9 brands.

In this exclusive masterclass, I will show you :

My proven processes to research winning products on Amazon through top-notch tools to see impressive conversions.

My proven process to skilfully source products at a competitive advantage without restricting yourself to a broker on Alibaba

My ground-breaking keyword research strategy so that you crush your competition

My never-revealed-before methodology to rank your product to the first page of relevant keywords, in an ever-evolving Amazon platform

In the last 6 months alone, I have made an average of $70K profit per month by simply repeating proven product development processes. These are the same processes I am going to teach you, that I am still doing every day.

Who is this masterclass for?

If you are tired of working your 9-5 job, and are looking for an opportunity to start a business of your own

If you are happy with your current career, but you would like to make some side income

If you are doing online sales already, and want to expand onto Amazon but don't know where to start

If you are currently selling on Amazon, but want to take your business to the next level

Congratulations! You found the right place! Learn from someone who is actually doing it!

To be extremely honest, you might be able to eventually learn this all yourself without paying anyone for their knowledge or time.

If you have the time and money to commit to research, determining which strategies work still, which strategies ever worked, and are ready to learn the hard way, from many failures, then go ahead.

But, you will expose yourself to more risk and a much longer path without the proper training and support.

I will give you an equal hearing on the other side

Choosing the wrong product can result in getting stuck with inventory and losing your starting capital

Overspending when you source and ship your products, you could end up spending more than your competitors and kill your margins

If you watch old YouTube videos or listen to outdated podcasts about how to launch products, you could use strategies that will get you suspended with Amazon and/or cause your product launch to fail 

Maybe you can generate revenue, but are unable to make a profit because your product is not ranking for the correct keywords

What is there to lose, when your shortest part to success is already mapped out? As a signature of respect, token of thanks of your investment with me, I will give you the same system that my clients and students scale to 6, 7 and 8 figures with, without holding anything back.

Who is Brandon Young?

I am Brandon Young. I'm considered by many to be one of the leaders in current Amazon Private Label strategies. I began selling on Amazon in 2015, as most sellers do, with arbitrage. Seeking a more scalable business model, we pivoted to wholesale and private label. In June of 2016 we launched his first private label products. Less than 3 years later, we are exclusively private label. Now we have 4 brands, and are approaching 8 figures in revenue.

Now I split my time between launching my own new products and teaching others how to effectively choose, source, and launch private label products.

Recently I spoke at Retail Global about how we are using Chatbots to grow our audience and build our brand. If you would like the get one of the flows we use to engage our audience, enter your email below and I'll send it to you.

"My mission is to bridge the gap between what highly successful brand building experts like me are doing right now and the knowledge and support gap between you and Amazon. I went through lots of pain when I spent 18 months and tens of thousands of dollars before I figured this Amazon Private Label business out. I did the hard work so you don't have to!"

Join our family of happy students, and see history in the making.

What People are Saying


"I can't wait to have another one. Amazing information. Unbeatable price..."

Addison Todd

"An incredible amount of value for the price! In comparison to courses I have paid in excess of $1000 for that teaches redundant material, the value given in this master class was simply unrivalled. Brandon’s unique, data driven approach to Amazon is delivered in a clear and concise manner, showcasing his depth of knowledge and he teaches a solid foundation for beginner or advanced sellers in these classes. ��I found this to be a very comprehensive introduction to Amazon and now feel confident in my abilities to create long term business success in the Amazon eco-system.�� Thanks again Brandon!"

Josh M.

"That's great, I felt I learned so much in what you taught and its motivated me big time because the numbers you were putting in from keyword research and the data behind it goes far deeper than what I've been shown and actually confirms opportunity vs competition etc , so useful! There's only so much you can teach yourself before spending money on the right course etc but you've given me alot of confidence by showing and validating. ppl say it alot but don't actually show you what they mean."

Mo Jafar

"Hey Brandon last night's course was nothing short of amazing..."

Thomas Hoffner

Want A Peek Inside? This is 1 of My 4 Amazon Private Label Accounts!

Are you ready to take action?


Packaged up there's far more value than what I'm charging. I don't do this for the money. I only charge to instigate real action in people with a goal to reach out and help as many people as possible.

After watching this class you will know if this business is right for you, and you will know without having spend thousands of dollars on an overpriced and terrible course. 

Forget about competing for your share in the 1.5 billion dollar eCommerce industry. The very thought of it is scary.

Forget about going against the grain and all the hard talk about being a comfort seeker, not being brave enough to take the business plunge.

Think about making money working from anywhere, not tied to a desk or making someone else rich, like you do employed in the corporate world.

Think about being empowered through an income stream that you control and can actually make you money while you sleep.

Think about experiencing freedom by spending quality time with your family and friends, whenever you want.

I will give you the rock solid foundation to get your ball rolling and never stop. Remember, you only need 1 product to make an online breakthrough in the private-label Amazon world,

I’m making money as we speak and I'm just a normal guy who figured it out and who knows his stuff


It's because I want to see you succeed!


(Income and success are not guaranteed. Past performance is not indicative of future results and you will need to work to build a real business. This is not a get rich quick business. You are going to build a real business with a real brand, supply chain, marketing, and inventory). 


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